« Plastic Wedding » Performance festival, « Mellemting mellem ting « Den Frie, 2019

“A Thousand Years Old Tree We Find Beautiful, An Old Human Being Not" in collaboration with Nakskov Campus, Nakskov, Denmark/ 2015

BRANDTS Odense, Denmark, 2013

“Le Modele” with Laila.K.Jensen

“The One Thousand Old Tree” with Kay Walhgreen Egeberg

“My Giants” with Andréas Munksgaard and Morten Federspiel

Critical Art Ensemble ”Winning Hearts and Minds”.
Kassel, Germany, 2012.

Dexter Bang Sinister, seminar, ”Pink Floyd Ballet”.
Charlottenborg Kunsthalle, Copenhagen, 2012.

Performance in subway station Oberkampft, for the opening of the "CBO Concept" exhibition.
Le Commissariat, Paris, France.

"Lost and Found" Installation, objects, performance.
Nikolaj Art Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009

"HUG" Museum of Contemporary Art
Performance in installation work "Gesture" Roskilde, Denmark, 2010

”Je me plante” Performance, RACA, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009

Kulturfabrikke, Copenhagen, Denmark - 1996
30 Perfomances and installation on two square meters

Performance installation
IV St Petersburg Art Biennale, Russia - 1997

Bibliotekskongressen, Helsingoer, Denmark - 1997

Performance, installation, acrylic on gips
Under Dybelsbro, Copenhagen, Denmark - 1997

Food Fair Festival, Kulturfabrikken, Copenhagen, Denmark - 1997

Performance installation
Klaipeda Lituania, Kotla Finland Entree 9, Avignon, France - 1999-2000

With Mette Frank and Al Masson
Editing: Jeanette Skou Land

Wellness Institut project, 14-Vestebrogade
Al Masson, Janne Sandholm Edited: Paletti

Statens Museum for Kunst,
International experimental music festival

With Al Masson, Malthes Clemens
Editing: Joachim Hamou

“Massage de l’Aura”, Spend it project, Brussels, Belgium, 2007
video still