“SURFING” Museumsbygningen/Banja Rathnov/ 7 January-11 March 2017/ Copenhagen/ Denmark

Installation with paper roll/ oil paintings/text and framed photo archives materiel/oil painting on wood panel/30x24 cm/1992
Oil painting on wood panel/30x24 cm /”Boy with Cubes”/ 1992

Installation/ /”I didn’t fin my Style yet, Shit!”/ Acrylic on Canvas/30x40 cm/ 2015-2017

Installation, “I am a Textil Designer” Mix Media/ Acrylic on Canvas /Watercolour and Gouache / clothes/-2016-2017

Video Installation/ “Arranged” duration 5 min/ Objects and diverse materiel/2015

Photo /Object Compositions 345AB, 346AX, 347AHA/ Epson Premium Gloss-Dibond / 100x125cm/2017

Installation/ “Le Plis” Mixed Media/Painted Fabrics/Acrylic Paint/Diverse Metal/ 2017

Installation/”Rabbit Hole” Ink on Paper/100x70cm/2015-2017

Installation/”Sommerfugle”/Diverse, Text, Ink Drawings, Oil Painting/Crayon and Marker on a Paper Roll/900x59cm/2013

Installation/”L’atelier d’Artiste” (work and action in progress during the two months of the exhibition) 2017

Video HD/”While Changing”/duration 10 mn/ 2016